Rural house

Cesare Abba St, Cesenatico, Municipality of Cesenatico, Emilia-Romagna Region, Italy
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Rural house of a farm
Year of build:
Before 1926
Original name:
Rural hause “Bonifica IV”
The building was built according to the architectural style typical of the rural houses of the plain of Romagna
Past and Present Ownership of the Building/Site:
Past ownership: Mucipality of Cesena (FC); Present ownership: Municipality of Cesenatico (FC)

Architectural Description

The building consists of a central quadrangular body with a gabled roof flanked by two tall lateral bodies half compared to the main building. A sober decorative value is represented by a frame formed by terracotta shelves placed in the engagement point between the front and rear facades and coverage. The house was built before 1926, date of compilation of the cadastral map in which the house is registered.

History and Historical Context

Country farm house of the farm until the November 26, 1985, the date on which it was affiliated with the Municipality of Cesena to the Municipality of Cesenatico to use public park service. The house was purchased by the Municipality of Cesenatico in September 2019 together with the whole complex of the “Levante” Park.

Values of the Building

The house is a testimony to the history of civilization, architecture and rural settlement in Romagna. The house has been declared of Arctic historical interest by Italian Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism.