Winery Vinalko

Obala kralja Tomislava 4, Kaštel Stari, Split, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia
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Industrial building, vinery – warehouse
Year of build:
Original name:
Industrial architecture, neoclassical style
Past and Present Ownership of the Building/Site:

Past: Šimeta family, Winery Vinalko; Present: Dalmacijavino

Degree of preservation and status of protection

Protected Cultural Property, Immovable Cultural Property – Individually, Z-6895

Architectural Description

Vinalko is an industrial architectural complex with a main facade facing east with multiple entrances to individual parts of the complex. Some door and window jambs and windows are decorated in a neoclassical manner. The finished products were mostly stored in wooden barrels of all sizes, which are still preserved in the interior of the winery. It is a complex of industrial architecture from the beginning of the 20th century. A complex of rectangular shape, built of limestone molds with a well-shaped profile, is oriented in the north-south direction, while the main facade faces east. The building still houses huge wooden wine barrels today to commemorate some time lost. Fortunately, today we are witnessing a renaissance of the production of the famous Kastela wine. 1,400 m² property, wine cellar with 12 built-in concrete tanks, 18 wooden logs and 30 barrels for wine storage. Barrels can accept more than 11,000 liters of wine.

History and Historical Context

The winery building in Kastel Stari (Vinalka) is an individually protected cultural property (entered in the Register of Cultural Property of the Republic of Croatia under code P5011). In the late 19th and early 20th centuries, the Šimeta and Sons company, which was engaged in the trade of agricultural products, built warehouses on the eastern coast of the Kaštel Stari. In 1903, a tiled pier was expanded and, with the winery building, represented a unique functional unit. After World War II, the Šimetinih company was shut down, and in 1946 the warehouse became the property of Vinalko with the aim of activating the wineries capacities found after the war. The building of the Šimetinih warehouse is still known in the locals as Vinalko.

Values of the Building

In the early 20th century, the Šimeta and Sons Kaštela company built warehouses in the eastern part of the Kaštel Stari shore. The Shimetin warehouse known as the winery. The company Simet and Sons was founded by a family of the same name, which was engaged in the export of wine as early as the 19th century. In terms of business, it was one of the largest export companies in Dalmatia. After the 2nd sv. During the war, the Šimetin company was shut down and in 1946 the warehouse became the property of Vinalko. In 1963, the new Dalmacijavino Company began operating at the Vinalko facility.

Description of the Urban Context and Development

Thanks to the great enthusiasm of young Kastela's winemakers and winemakers, the old vineyards on the slopes of Kozjak were restored. It is significant that the most common assortment is tribidrag black grapes, also known as Kastela red grapes, that is, grapes related to this area. Unfortunately, despite the re-awakening of winemaking in Kastela, the Šimeta winery stands aside. It may be an opportunity now, as part of the construction of the harbor in Kastel Stari, to win a new winery function in connection with the port, tourist and catering functions, and it would be desirable for the old wine cellar business to live in at least one warehouse

New Cultural Tourist Offer Focused on Selected Building/Site

The town of Kastela has the right of first purchase, it is planned to commercialize part of the building, remodel it for the needs of the market, fish market, part of it would be rented out and the part would be used in accordance with the protection.